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STARZ Dance Class Information

31 classes per dance season, including dress rehearsal. We will close 2 weeks for Christmas Holiday and 1 week during spring break. All other closings will be posted in our monthly newsletter.

Tuition is divided over a nine month period from September through May. The amount paid is the same each month whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons that month. Tuition payments are due by the 10th of each month to avoid a $5 late fee. There is a $30 fee on all NSF checks.

Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are a studio requirement. Tan Jazz shoes will be required instead of ballet shoes for 3rd grade and up.

Look for our monthly newsletter the first full week of every month.

Self-Serve consignment dance shoes are available at the studio. This service is for current STARZ dance students only.

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Class Offerings

Competitive Dance
Competitive dance is for the more advanced and dedicated dancer. We offer 5 main competition groups and a competitive Hip Hop Group. Auditions are required and are held the beginning of August.

Recreational Dance
Recreational dance is for the dancer that wants to learn without the extra challenge and time that some competition groups may have. Recreational dance is open to both beginners and advanced students. Starz has a curriculum-based program to make certain that each level is learning something new!

This class has become extremely popular and in demand. You will learn an entertaining routine for our year end recital. Registration begins in January. Class sizes are limited.You must be a registered student to enroll.

Must be age 2 and potty trained. Beginner Tap, Basic Ballet, rhythm techniques, dance games and creative movement will be explored in this 35 minute class. Emphasis is on basic motor skills development with a special attention placed on the playful and imaginative way we move.

Class consists of ballet and tap technique with special attention to rhythm and creative movement. Students will develop a appreciation of dance in a self-esteem building environment.

1st & 2nd Grade
Class consists of ballet technique and vocabulary, tap technique and vocabulary and an introduction to jazz. Students will continue to excel in their tap and basic ballet and jazz combinations.

3rd & 4th Grade
Class consists of ballet technique, jazz and tap with more emphasis on floor combinations, proper body placement and showmanship. Children will begin to work on strength, flexibility and stamina.

5th & 6th Grade, 7th & 8th Grade
Class consists of further development in all areas of dance. further emphasis on turns as well as jumps and leaps.


This class consists of further development in all areas of dance. Lyrical ballet is introduced to this age group.

Beginners to advanced dancers will enjoy this fresh and funky style of street dance. This class will enhance those that have a love for this stylized form of dance.

Must be 13 years of age and have discussed your abilities with the instructor. Structured form of ballet on your toes.

Dance Season Recital
STARZ puts on a great show! Usually this show is scheduled for mid May. Most students perform at least 2 dances in at least 2 shows. This show is in full costume and staging. All seats are reserved ticket style seating.

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Yearly registration fee: $20 per student

Last months tuition is due at the time of registration along with the registration fee.

Recreational Dance
All recreational dancers meet once per week.
Costume fee's will be posted at registration.
Tuition is due regardless of your attendance.


Preschool & Kindergarten  $45.00 per month
35 to 60 minute class 1 time per week

1st grade through 8th Grade $45.00 per month

1 hour class 1 time per week

TEEN Class $55.00 per month

1.25 hours per week

Hip-Hop and Pointe $40.00  per month
30-45 minute class 1 time per week

Competition Dance
Competition dancers must audition to be placed into a group. Competition dancers can expect to pay extra fee's for shoes, competitions, and slightly higher costume fee's. Competition dancers are allowed only 4 absences per season.

Competition classes $40.00-85.00

Family Discounts
For Families with 2 or more students enrolled.