Please come dressed in your first scheduled outfit. We keep a very tight schedule and ask you to arrive at least 10 minutes early. All orders need to be placed prior to getting photos taken. All checks should be made out to Lommel Photography.
There will be a changing room.
Don't forget shoes, accessories,costume,etc.



4:45 Solo/Duet

5:00 Hip Hop 2

5:20 Boots and Boys

5:35 Party Rock

5:55 Razzle Dazzle

6:05 Wash That Man

6:20 Respect

6:35 Money

6:50 True Colors

7:00 Canon In D

7:15 Solo/Duet

7:20 Use Somebody

7:35 Father/Daughter Group #1

7:55 Father/Daughter Group #3

8:15 Father/Daughter Group #2

8:30 All Graduating Seniors





9:30 Ladies Hip Hop

9:40 Muffin Man

9:55 Shining Starz

10:10 Top Hat, Bow Tie, Tails

10:25 Sparkling Diamonds

10:40 Country Song Backwards

10:50 Rattle Your Bones

11:00 We Rock

11:10 Walk the Dinosaur

11:20 Rockin' Robin

11:35 Hawaiian Boogie

11:55 Everybody Wants to be a Cat

12:10 Put a Little Love in your Heart

12:25 Mama, I'm a Big Girl

12:35 Let's Get Loud

12:50 Hot Chocolate

1:05 Witch Doctor

1:20 Break

1:50 Ballerina

2:05 5,6,7,8

2:20 Good Ship Lollipop

2:35 Oye

2:50 Crazy

3:00 Umbrella

3:10 What I Like About You

3:20 Solo/Duet



Dress rehearsal is at Big Lake Sr. High School Auditorium.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first dance.  We run a very tight schedule, PLEASE BE ON TIME. Come dressed in your first costume.  There will be a dressing room we will be using for dress rehearsal only, behind the stage.  The dressing room you will be using for recital will be the school cafeteria.

4:15 Good Ship Lollipop

4:20 We Rock

4:25 Walk the Dinosaur

4:30 Rockin' Robin

4:35 Ballerina

4:40 Country Song Backwards

4:45 Rattle Your Bones

4:50 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

4:55 Muffin Man

5:00 Let's Get Loud

5:05 Get Crazy

5:10 Hawaiian Boogie

5:15 Sparkling Diamonds

5:20 Top Hat, Bow Tie & Tails

5:25 Razzle Dazzle

5:30 Witch Dr.

5:35 Put A Little Love In Your Heart

5:40 Oye

5:45 What I Like About You

5:50 Shining Starz

5:55 Boots & Boys

6:00 5,6,7,8

6:05 Canon in D

6:10 Umbrella

6:20 Ladies Hip Hop

6:30 Father/Daughter


7:35 Senior Solos




Check the bulletin board in the waiting area for your dancers scheduled time, or check our website. ( look under Newsletter tab ) Please come dressed , hair and make up ready to go 15 minutes prior to your first sitting. Please be on time !
Please have all your picture envelopes filled out PRIOR to arriving at the studio.Checks should be made payable to Lommel Photography. Finished pictures can be picked up at
dress rehearsal. All costumes accessories, picture envelopes and tights will be handed out VERY SOON.
Please read your costume check list.

If you would like to order a trophy for your favorite dancer, please pick up an order form on the bulletin board. These trophies are from you NOT Starz.ALL orders and money are due in the payment box inside the studio BY APRIL 18th.
Cost: $15 includes all engraving.

ALL classes will need Room Moms for all shows your class is performing in.You will be responsible for your class only.All Room Moms must be female.If you sign up and then decide you can not be a room mom, please find a replacement. RoomMoms will be able to purchase recital tickets during normal business hours beginning April 25th .You may purchase up to 9 tix per registered dancer. Room moms will be the ONLY people allowed to purchase tickets through April 30th. ( during NORMAL studio hours )Room moms should also bring an age appropriate activity for your group. Please make sure your class has enough room moms for both shows prior to purchasing tickets. If there is not enough room moms, that show will be canceled for your group.
Sign up now at front desk.

Recital t shirts will be here soon. If you pre ordered a shirt, please keep an eye out for posted sign to pick yours up.
T shirts will need to be paid for when picking them up.
COST $18


Starz Dance Studio students will be recognized for the number of years dancing with our studio. These awards will be handed out in class on the last day of class in May. If your dancer is a 3,6 ,10,13-16 year student, they will be recognized on stage after the show of your choice. Please be prepared to tell the teacher on the last day of class what day you would like your dancer to be recognized.

All tickets for the recital are reserved style seating. Tickets will go on sale for all Starz families on Wednesday May 1st. We will begin selling tickets at 5:45pm to 7:00pm at the studio.The cost of each ticket is $13. Tickets will be limited to 9 per Starz student* through May 1st.After that date you may purchase tickets at Starz during normal business hours. If you need a seat you will need a ticket.
* Full time student is one that registered this past fall for the 9 month program.


The recital schedule has been posted. Please check this schedule. Please note all recreational dancers should be scheduled in 2 of 3 shows and siblings should be in at least 1 show together. Dancers are required to dance in both shows, unless prior arrangements have been made. VIDEO CAMERAS ARE NOT ALLOWED at recital. If you wish to video tape your childs dance, please do so at dress rehearsal. A professional video will be made of all shows. More info. on videos soon.

All accounts must be paid prior to ticket sales. This includes any accumulated late fee's. Most classes have paid for the month of May. If you took more than 1 weekly class, please check to see if you have a balance for May. Ticket sales,recital privileges and pictures will be held until accounts are paid in full.If paying after May 1st, all fee's must be made by cash.




We start on Thursday March 7th at 7:45-8:15
This years theme will be
Destinys Child & Beyonce Songs
Come join the fun. No experience necessary.
Cost: $50 Register beginning February 18th at the front desk.

Our annual Summer Fun Day for all Pre School through 5th grade classes will take place during the week of FEBRUARY 25th on your dance day. Your dancer may wear their favorite summertime outfit to class on that day. We will have fun summertime activities and a special summertime treat.

Reminder To ALL graduating seniors ;
Ann needs to know if you will be performing in 1 show of the recital by FEBRUARY 16th. Name of song, style of dance and group or solo.


MARCH 25 - MARCH 28 No Classes
APRIL 26 & 27 Picture Days
MAY 17 Dress Rehearsal


Please register at the studio beginning February 20th.
All registration is first come first served. Seniors may register anytime the week before.
Practice will be in the Middle School Commons
@ 7:15pm.
Beginning Thursday March 7th.
Enter the Middle School off Bradley Blvd. Main Entrance to the Middle School
You will receive a schedule at our first practice.
Rock Of Ages
Dads will need an entire 80's hair band rocker outfit and a rock style cowboy hat. Girls will also need an 80's inspired costume !!! GO CRAZY with your ideas !!


Our theme for this years recital is :
Dance Magic
The music is from B.o.B.
Please watch the bulletin board for an art sample of this years t shirt.Pre Orders will be taken mid February - beginning of March at the front desk.
No payment will be due until shirts are picked up. If you want a t shirt you MUST preorder.



Many of you have been with Starz a long time and will be missed greatly. We would like to offer you the opportunity to do a senior dance in the recital. If you are interested I need to know right away. Also, if you have been a student at Starz for 5 years or more, you may choose to do a solo for your farewell finale.
Please see Ann ASAP.

In place of Ladies tap class this year we are offering an ALL ladies
Hip Hop class ! Jody will be teaching this class on Thursday evenings from 7:45 to 8:15. This will be a class geared for participation in our recital in May. Classes begin March 7th at the studio. Please register at the front desk beginning February 18th.
Cost $50

This year we will be registering couples beginning February 18th. All registration will be first come first served. There will be 3 groups , 15 couples per group.
Cost:$50 per couple OR $75 for one dad with two daughters
Practice will begin
Becker High School.
This years theme : Rock Of Ages
Each group of dads will be assigned a different rock group or rock icon to dress as.
EXAMPLE: Mick Jagger or Brett Michaels, basically 80's hair bands


Parents ; please check the studio roster at the front desk for correct spelling of your dancers name. If you are fairly new to Starz OR if you left for a year or more, please indicate the # of years at Starz Dance Studio on this roster.

If you are interested in ordering Starz apparel,we will be placing one last apparel order for this season. Order forms and money need to be turned in by January 24th.



If you ordered apparel for Christmas delivery, please plan on picking up your order on ;
THURSDAY Dec. 20th 5:00-7:00 pm

If you missed the deadline for the last apparel order we will be putting in another order on January 24th. Order forms are at front desk.

All Costume fee's should now be paid in full unless other arrangements with Ann have been made. Starz will charge a $25 late fee after December 15th. A picture album of most costumes will be posted at the front desk by December 10th.



All students will be receiving a statement of their account this week. Please note the following information when reading this statement. Any amount dropped in the payment box after October 30th is NOT credited on this statement. Any amount shown in parenthesis means you have credit towards that month when it is charged by the studio. A $5 late fee has been added to months not paid by the 10th.To avoid this fee, payments must be post marked OR placed in the box by the 10th. The box is emptied each night.

We have posted music selections for this years recital. If you would like to have a copy of your dancers music to practice at home, please pick one up at the front desk starting next week.
Music cd's are $5 .

Check out the samples in the waiting room !
If you are interested in ordering Starz Logo Apparel for Christmas delivery, your money and order form are due NO LATER THAN November 20th. Order forms are located at the front desk.
Pick up your orders at the studio on December 20th, from 5:00- 7:00.All orders will be treated as gifts and not given directly to students unless you ask us to.

If you have an outstanding balance on your costume fee, it will be due by November 15th. Any costume fee's paid after November 15th will have a $25 late fee added to your account.Remember, pictures of the chosen costumes will be available for viewing the first part of December at the front desk.
Credit Vouchers must be turned in By December 1st to be valid.

In the event of severe weather conditions, please call the studio and listen for a weather related recorded message, OR check out the HOME PAGE of our web site for cancelled classes. If nothing is posted, assume classes are in session. We generally will cancel classes if the schools cancel, but this is NOT always the case.




This is a reminder that at least 1/2 of your dancers costume fee is due by October 15th. The balance would then be due by November 15th. There is a $20 late fee if costume fee's are paid after November 15th.Pictures of the chosen costumes will be in a book at the front desk the first part of December. We will begin doing measurements during class the next couple weeks.

Because this is a new fund raiser this year, we are not sure of a delivery date as of yet. Please keep an eye out for signs posted at the studio for updates. We will also post updates on our web site. We will need volunteers to help sort out the merchandise. I will post that info. soon. We are also in need of a small freezer that we can borrow for a short period of time at the studio. If this is somthing you could help us with, please see Ann

If you participated in the fund raiser, vouchers will NOT be available until after all orders have been placed and paid for.If you have a fundraiser in excess of $400, please wait to pay your October costume payment. When credit vouchers are prepared, look for a sign asking you to pick up your vouchers.

We respectfully ask you to keep an eye on your children in the waiting room. There are times the waiting room is very crowded . Please be respectful of the tables, TV, chairs and other patrons in the studio.
We understand the need to bring your children into the studio, please be in control of them at all times.

The music we have chosen to use for our Recital
in May will be posted By November 5th.

Please mark these dates on your calendar.
November 21 & 22 - NO CLASSES
Dec.24 - Jan.2 NO CLASSES
March 25 -30 NO CLASSES Spring Break
April 26 & 27- PICTURE DAYS
May 18 &19 - RECITAL
These dates are very important, please jot them down for future reference.


Parents of Pre School, K&1st, 2nd & 3rd,4th & 5th will be invited into the classroom the last 10 or 15 minutes of class October 25-29th The dancers have prepared a special dance for you to watch ! Dancers are invited to dress up for this special week. All costumes should be dancer friendly. Old dance costumes would be a great option !! Please, nothing too scary ! We will be handing out treat bags. If your child has a health restriction or allergy, please inform Ann or their teacher.

We are asking that you please include your
STUDENTS ID #, class day & time and brief description of what your payment is for,in the memo part of your checks. If you did not receive an ID # , please check in at the front desk. Filling out the front of your payment envelopes also helps in giving proper credit to your account.If a payment is made with no information on either the check or envelope, a late fee may be added to your account. All students will be receiving an account statement with your November newsletter.

* Please do not wear jeans to dance class.
* Look for NEW Starz Apparel Order Forms SOON !



This newsletter is the first of nine you will be receiving. They will be handed out in class the first full week of each month. If your dancer is absent that week, please pick up an extra copy located on the wall next the bulletin board near
Studio #1. This newsletter will keep you informed of many important dates and information you will need to keep this a smooth dance year for everyone. You may also find a copy of the current newsletter and back issues on our new web site first couple of weeks are hectic in the waiting room, be patient it will get better. We do ask that you keep your visitors to a minimum, since our waiting room space is limited. This is especially true for our Monday Classes.The first month is an adjustment time for all classes. You may notice we need to make some minor adjustments to some classes during this time. If you need to switch a class, it MUST be done prior to October 1st. After that date NO CHANGES can be made.
If you PRE REGISTERED BY MAIL, please stop in and pick up payment booklet and paper work during this first week of classes.

September tuition is now due. There will be NO late fee for September if paid by Sept.15th.There is a $5 late fee for Oct. - April if tuition is received after the 10th of the month.With our computer program, late fee's will be automatic and will accumulate throughout the year if not paid.Payments should be placed in the white box located in the waiting room or mailed. Please use your envelopes in your payment book. Make sure all the info. is filled out so your student gets proper credit, especially if your dancer has a different last name than the paying parent. Cash payments should be brought to the front desk and a receipt will be issued.


We will again be asking parents to include your students ID numbers on all payments. This insures proper credit is given. ID numbers are always the same each year. If you are unsure of your student ID, please check the lists posted at the front desk AND on BOTH bulletin boards.

If you ordered and paid for shoes during Open House, they should be ready to pick up at the front desk. Please make sure they fit prior to wearing them to dance in. Shoes are not returnable if even slightly marred. If you need shoes ordered, the front desk will be happy to assist you.

We ask that the doors to each class room remain closed during instruction. Parents are asked to watch through the viewing window in the waiting room and not inside the dance room. We will have a number of Parent Nights, when the teacher will invite you in to watch the children do special dances. Also, please do not let children play in the dance rooms when a class is not in session.

If you are participating in the fundraiser, please have all money and orders turned in by OCTOBER 2nd. and no earlier than Sept.24th.
This is a brand new fund raiser to Starz. Please remember the following important information.
Remember DO NOT sell more than your costume fee and tuition Oct - April.
Your customers must pay you directly for the products. And in turn you will write out 1 check or money order made out to Starz. Please do not turn in cash.
Double check your totals.
We will post pick up dates after the orders have been place

Please DO NOT PARK in front of the dance studio. This area is for DROP OFF AND PICK UP ONLY. If you are staying for any length of time, please park in the gravel lot on the west side of the building. Handicapped parking ONLY in front of building.